'Feedback Boosts Our Feedforward'

Workers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics- (STEM) can be found all across different major industries around the world. When you search the term ‘women in STEM’ you may come across a Ted Talks playlist with fascinating and exciting titles like, “How we’re teaching computers to understand pictures”, “How bacteria talk”, “The mathematics of love”, “Hackers: the internet´s immune system”, “Your social media ‘likes’ expose more than you think”. STEM is everywhere around us, yet when talked about, most times people usually associate the concept as education policy, a curriculum, or an educational approach.

Mechanical engineer, STEM coordinator, and learning community’s specialist, Marcela Gomez helps us discover in more detail what STEM is all about. She refers to it as “a braid of fields”, “a culture of learning based on strong disciplines looking for innovation, human innovation”, to keep in mind “not just the how…but the what, the who, the why, and the what for", and the insightful concept of feedback and feedforward in education.


She also shares with us how her small school community dealt with the coronavirus (COID 19) pandemic crisis. How she considers her students to be “as responsible as we are to create knowledge”. Her advice on how to face the changes ahead, the need to become "authentically social individuals", her general advice for educators, and her outlook on things to come in our society. You can include Marcela in your personal learning network by following her on Twitter @MarcelaSTEAMCol   

To access Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Resources for PreK-12, visit the US National Education Asociation website at   http://www.nea.org/tools/lessons/stem-resources.html

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